According the constitutive document of the HCCI the managing body of the Chamber are the General assembly, the Board of the managers, the Executive council and the President/s. 

General meeting

The direct members can participate in the General meeting – in person or with their legal representative or by authorization according the provided order in this rule, which have been paid the relevant membership fee till the day of the convocation of the General meeting.

The General meeting:

1. changes and amends the Rule of the chamber;
2. approves the long term activity program of the chamber;
3. accepts the Financial and the management report of the Managing board for the Chamber’s activity;
4. determines the number and elects the Managing board and the Control Counsel for a term according the fixed term in the Article 30 of the Law for the legal entities;
5. accepts the decisions concerning the reorganization and the ceasing of the Chamber;
6. accepts the budget of the Chamber;
7. abolishes the decisions of other bodies of the association, which are against the law, the rule or other internal acts, regulate the Chambers activity;
8. accepts decisions by the ceasing of the Chamber and the way of distributing of it’s possessions, which is left after satisfying of the creditors.
9. determines the liquidator of the Chamber.

Managing counsel

In the Managing council can participate up to 7 (seven) physical personals, elected among the direct members of the Chamber – in person or respective their legal representative or the accordingly the legal entity or personals, which are allowed to this according the provided order in this rule.

Executive council

The staff of the Executive council consist of 3 (three) members of the Managing board.

1. Organizes and implements the decisions of the Managing board and realizes the operative management of the Chamber;
2. Reports the financial and the organizational activities to the Managing board;
3. Refers to the Management council the annual organizations and financial program for endorsement;
4. Establish councils, clubs and other helping sections in the Chamber;
5. Accepts and expels direct members of the Chamber;
6. Refers to the Managing council the accepting of honorary members and members- correspondents of the Chamber;
7. Reply’s to requests, set by the members of the Chamber;
8. Accept internal tariffs for the Chamber’s activity.


The President/s: 

1. Represent the Chamber in the country and abroad;
2. Calls together and leads the meetings of the Managing council and the Executive council;
3. Harmonizes the relationships between the Chamber and the BCCI – Sofia and offers to the Managing council projects for decisions, directed to unity with the BCCI system and the Regional CCI’s.
4. Ratifies the stаff;
5. Signs the contracts with the stаff.

Control organs
The control organ of the chamber is the Control council.
For members of the Control council only personals which are not members of the General council can be elected.