Bar code symbols – registering and workmanship

Bar code symbols – registering and workmanship

Coding is based on an international standard numbers and is used for presenting information in a format for electronic processing. So at any point in the chain of supply and demand your product can be "traced". This ensures the uniqueness of your product worldwide.

Plovdiv  Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers you the opportunity to promote your company for obtaining a code for marking products and services with barcode symbols.
That will boost 
your company on the Bulgarian and the global market; will become part of your company strategy. By investing in this beginning you fall into the group of preferred by Bulgarian and foreign partners companies.
If you are interested on your part we will help you to get the required bar code on all stages related to numbering and marking of products. We guarantee quality and express services.

Required documents:

To obtain a GS1 Company Prefix and membership in GS1 Bulgaria:

  • application form to obtain a GS1 Company Prefix and membership in GS1 Bulgaria;
  • signed by the manager of the company or authorized person, stamped with the company stamp
  • copy of the judgment for registration and/or current status
  • copy of tax registration certificate
  • a copy of the card UIC (VAT number)

Note: In the application are written exact names of commercial units, for which shall be used GTIN-8 numbers.

We would like to remind you that in case:

Member firm of GS1 Bulgaria, who stops using the prefix, is required to notify us in writing form (Art. 17 (3) of the Rules) for this. Please use the form for termination of your membership. When a company has not notified us promptly of that fact and self-excluded for non-payment duties, it still dues non-paid amounts till the moment of termination.

Company member of GS1 Bulgaria, which transfers prefix to the other company, is obliged to notify us in writing form about it. Please use this form to transfer your membership.

Member firm of GS1 Bulgaria which has change in the status of the company (eg from Ltd. to JSC) must also notify us by applying judgment, which certifies that change.

Bank account for payment of a single fee:

IBAN: BG94 BFTB 7630 1075 7353 88
Bulbank - Sofia
Holder: BCCI
Reason: admission fee GS1 Bulgaria Council