Registration of companies to the Trade Register of the BCCI – Sofia

Registration of companies to the Trade Register of the BCCI – Sofia

The Unified Trade register of the BCCI holds information on file for members of the Chamber on the basis of submitted documents and completed registration card-declaration.

In order to maintain the Register up-to-date, at the request of the trader and with submitted relevant documents, the Chamber makes daily records of changes and updates in the entered data.

The quick and timely data updating is of great importance to traders because it is in related to the protection of their interests and those of third parties. The database is visited daily by approximately 1000 clients- both Bulgarian and English versions.

BCCI is not responsible for the topicality of the information in unmanifested initiative by the registered company to reflect the changes in the data published, if they are not applied in a timely manner.

We hope you to pay attention to these recommendations, which are entirely in your interest.

Relevant application forms:

 Primary registration application form (PDF format)

  • Application for changes in registration data
  •  Registration card (PDF format)

Submitted information system for members of BCCI, reiterated in the Unified Trade register, give you an opportunity to search by following criteria:


  • Seat
  • Customer number
  • Legal form
  • Foreign participation
  • Lawful representatives
  • Business activity
  • Authorized capital
  • Number of employees

The introduction of additional parameters for the registered juridical subjects and the possibility to search by these parameters provides more complete information about their real activity and about the persons legitimate to represent them, which is a prerequisite for higher security in their trade relations.

On the grounds of the information on file in the Register, BCCI issues:

Certificates and references with regard to the status and the financial information of the registered companies which legitimate them before foreign partners, customs offices, banks, embassies, state bodies, for participation in tenders, competitions etc

Issuance of certificate for actual status based on the circumstances entered in the Trade Register

Issuance and verification of certificates of origin of goods and export invoices, ATA carnets etc