Issuing of carnet ATA (BCCI-Sofia)

Issuance and validation of ATA Carnets (BCCI-Sofia)

 The ATA Carnet is an international unified customs guarantee document for temporary importation, exportation and transit of goods under the International Convention ATA and the Istanbul Convention for temporary import. In compliance with the Bulgarian legislation the regime of its use in the Republic of Bulgaria is regulated by the Rules for the Application of the Customs Act.

The Republic of Bulgaria joined the Convention ATA in 1964, and its application began in 1967. Ever since, the BCCI has been the issuing and guaranteeing organization of ATA Carnets. The Chamber is a member of the International ATA Guarantee Chain, established with the World Chambers Federation.

 List of countries that have signed the ATA Convention

 Advantages from the use of ATA Carnets:

  • Simplification and acceleration of customs procedures, by avoiding payment of customs deposits;
  • Once issued, the document can be used in an unlimited number of countries, within one year of the day of its issu ance.

The ATA Carnet is used for exportation, importation and transit of:

  • Exhibits for participation in international fairs, exhibitions, presentations and other similar events;
  • Professional materials - musical instruments, computer equipment, office equipment, TV, video and      cinema equipment, theater and circus stage-property;
  • Objects of art;
  • Sports equipment, etc

The goods, covered by ATA Carnets can be transported by any means of transport, i.e. by airplane , train, car, truck, etc. The only obligatory requirement according to the Convention is the goods to be re-imported in the country in the same state as exported, and within the Carnet’s validity, which cannot surpass one year as of the day of its issuance.

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